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October 23, 2016 @ 3:40 PM

Saturday we went to the Vernisage, Yerevan's outdoor flea market, and picked up more parts to Armenian costumes. Yerevan's Vernisage has become one of the largest in the territory. Then across the street at the park we had a surprise concert by the Agounk Song and Dance Ensemble. Agounk dances and sings original Daron material. That area covers Moosh, Sasoon, Bitlis, and Alashkert areas. Those areas are now in central east Turkey. Even more surprising we met with Armenian youth who danced the material from those regions while Agounk performed. Those dances were Maeemoongee, Mushookhrr, Mairoke, Ver Veri, and Tomir Agha, etc.The weather was very cold but worth it.

Today, Sunday, we went to the Talin region of Armenia with our ......

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October 19, 2016 @ 9:32 AM

I'm working with Karin Dance Ensemble teaching them Agar Magar, Khumkhuma, Hemshen from Rize, Jurjena and Dzaner Bar from Kharbert, Khorkoum Loorke from Van, and others. On Saturday, October 15 I did dance research in Sisian in Syunik province. I visited my father's family from Shirag province. The weather is very cold and rainy at this time. That doesn't affect my focus. I've also been working with Bert Dance Ensemble and their director, Karin Gevorkyan. My colleauge, Artoosh Karapetyan, professor of Armenian Song and Dance, travels with me. He's now 88 years old and still going strong. Sunday I'll go to the village of Nerkev Bazmabert in the Talin region to do dance research with the Moosh community. Check my ......

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October 14, 2016 @ 4:50 PM

My teaching tour in Holland was very successful. We had good turnouts in the ten cities that we visited. I hadn't been there for ten years. They are still doing Garoon, Ambee Dageets, Sev Acherov Aghcheek, and Khumkhuma. I taught selected dances from CD's 6 and 7.

In Armenia I've been teaching for Karin Dance Ensemble and the State Dance Institute. We go to Sisian tomorrow to check out rural dance. Check my facebook page for videos of my dance activity in Armenia. More updates later.

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