October 23, 2016 @ 3:40 PM

Saturday we went to the Vernisage, Yerevan's outdoor flea market, and picked up more parts to Armenian costumes. Yerevan's Vernisage has become one of the largest in the territory. Then across the street at the park we had a surprise concert by the Agounk Song and Dance Ensemble. Agounk dances and sings original Daron material. That area covers Moosh, Sasoon, Bitlis, and Alashkert areas. Those areas are now in central east Turkey. Even more surprising we met with Armenian youth who danced the material from those regions while Agounk performed. Those dances were Maeemoongee, Mushookhrr, Mairoke, Ver Veri, and Tomir Agha, etc.The weather was very cold but worth it.

Today, Sunday, we went to the Talin region of Armenia with our colleague, Artoosh Karapetyan, and his grandson, Artashes, to meet our young friend, Nara Tavtyan. We went to two villages: Kahtnaghpiur and Nerkev Bazmabert and observed two village groups performing the dances of the Sasoon Armenians. We're back at our apartment here in Yerevan. We'll be back in Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 26. Bye for now.