August 1, 2017 @ 9:40 PM

Here is some information about dances from my Volume 7 CD. 

Derek Votk-Tars Bar (rhythm 4/4 - 6/8) is originally from the Gareen region around its capitol Erzerum, southeast Anatolia.Yerek Votk means three steps. Tars means opposite because Tars Bar is led to the left. Bar in Armenian means circle dance. 

Geghami Shoorj Bar (rhythm 6/4 -2/4 -6/8) is from Yerevan, the capitol of Armenia. There are three parts: the first part is pinky hold, the second part is handhold, and the third part is shoulder hold. Gegham is the name of a man. Shoorj means circle. The dance honors Gegham, who used to lead the dance. It is traced back to the 1920’s. 

Echmiadzin (rhythm 6/8) Is from Erzerum. Echmiadzin is the center of the ...

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