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Announcing Tom Bozigian New 6 week
Armenian Dance Course 

Starting Wednesday, January 16, 2019, Date changed to January 23
7-9 pm

Cost: $60; $15 individual night 

cash or check only--no refund

Excellent sprung dance floor with air conditioning and a good sound system!

Karavan Dance Studio
1626 South Central Avenue
Central Avenue at Gardena
Glendale CA 91204

Check Class page on this website for more info.


Tom teaches for the UCLA Ballroom and International Dance Club
Monday, January 28, 2019, Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon
8:30-10 pm
Donation accepted.

Tom Bozigian Dance and Live Music Night at Cafe Aman
Saturday, March 9, 2019

An evening of Armenian Song and Dance with the Tom Bozigian Orchestra. You've seen them before at Armenian festivals. Tom Bozigian will teach Armenian dance from 7:30-8:45 pm. This event is open to the public with a variety of nationalities in attendance. Bozigian's orchestra consists of kanoun, violin, oud, and keyboard. His program represents all the regions of Armenia, both eastern and western. He has traveled throughout the world presenting his workshops. The venue is LA Dance Fit studio, 10936 Santa Monica Bl., Los Angeles, CA. $15 per person. For more information you may call Tom directly at 562-941-0845 or 562-896-5757.